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American/China Trends- Affecting Ecology, Agriculture, Economics, Culture, and Health

U.S./China Trends 2008-  What Jie will see and experience the most in 2008....

More Chinese grown foods entering America's food chain
    • Fake Organic Certifications on Chinese food products is growing fast
    • More food product and toxic recalls involving Chinese products
    • More economic growth, inflation, factories, pollution and toxic waste in China

 Americans will generally become more dependant on China's foods, agriculture and other products
    • More American Corporations will close U.S. facilities and will begin manufacturing in China
    • Some Americans will try to deny there is a problem with imports


 More Energy Saving technology will be exported to U.S. companies for our benefit
    • The Chinese government will do more in an effort to solve their pollution and Environmental problems
    • China will host the 2008 World Olympics and make more important cultural changes
China will work harder to gain the confidence of the American consumer
China will become more dependant on the U.S. Economy and the American $$  

   • Americans will become more aware of China and how to deal with it positively
    • Green awareness took a very huge leap forward in 2007
    • More consumers and organizations will promote awareness of China's foods, agriculture and other imports
    • Informed Americans will begin buying more "local  grown" foods
    • More Americans will force local Grocers to label and possibly reject China grown products
    • The U.S. Government will be forced to gradually inspect more foreign Food imports
    • U.S. Growers will increase production because the Consumer will pay more for local grown food
    • More Americans will learn how to earn high profits from China's growth surge
    • More Americans will be teaching English Language in China
    • More American businesses will learn how to Export their products & services to China profitably
    • The Home Grown, Organic, and Local Grown movement will surge greatly in 2008
    • More Greenhouse entrepreneurs will begin with the new Energy technology
    • Home Owners and business will support more Green Energy technology in 2008
    • More Greenhouse entrepreneurs will begin with the new Energy technology
    • ISBU shipping container modules will become widely used in housing and storage construction during 2008
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