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Melamine Milk China: American Baby Is Latest Victim

  STORY HIGHLIGHTS- Updated 30 September 2008
     Irony of the contaminated milk in China
     China's safest milk was contaminated with Melamine and Formaldehyde
     Are Americans really safe?  Is the world safe?
     Government certified and Olympic sponsored Dairy
     The future of Jie and the other children in China

By Jie's World staff

25 September 2008
Today its was confirmed that Jie Naef, the American baby living in China, is one of the latest casualties of
the contaminated melamine milk products.

The irony of all this is that Jie's family was warning others about un-safe foods from China; eating the 
safest foods possible while in China, and only using the safest milk and other products for Jie. Ironically, 
the result of their best care and awareness was still toxic to Jie and millions of other children.

The reality, this was one of the most highly contaminated dairies in China after the melamine milk scare 
began to surface last week. Suddenly his parents realized all the unexplainable illness and symptoms 
Jie had in the past weeks and months was melamine and formaldehyde poison from the liquid milk.

Upon learning of the melamine laced milk, they attempted to get evaluation at local hospitals but all were
packed daily by thousands of other frantic parents. The waiting list for the Emergency rooms was two 
months at most credible hospitals in China. All Chinese were merging to the cities for better hospitals.

Finally Jie's father, an American citizen, contacted the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou China hoping for at 
least some additional direction.

Too his surprise the Consulate General replied with the necessary suggestions. The ACS division of the
U.S. Consulate had already contacted a very credible clinic so Jie and his family could be seen. On Friday
morning September 26 Jie and his family were immediately recognized and greeted at the front door of 
the clinic then immediately taken into the emergency room by Dr. Huang the clinic administrator where a 
kidney ultrasound examination was conducted by specialist Dr. Chen, then other kidney tests followed.

Their suspicions regarding the melamine poison in the kidney were confirmed with additional testing is 
still in progress. The concern to the family is not whether Jie has more kidney stones, but how much 
damage has been done to his kidney's and other vital organs during their 10 month bath in melamine and 
formaldehyde. The treatments and other long term effects of the combined melamine and formaldehyde 
contamination are still in question. 

There is no doubt that an entire generation of children in China will suffer cancer and other serious medical 
challenges, but nobody really knows where to begin since no one has ever attempted to poison the entire 
population of children in a country with melamine before.

We will provide updates and more information tomorrow regarding what the unusual symptoms were and
why the melamine poison went undetected by parents and doctors for more than 6 months.

28 September 2008
How Many Were Poisoned-

We are quite concerned with the numbers of contaminated children or adults being reported by the news
media. We see 50,000 or 60,000 but in reality these numbers are probably incorrect by at least a million.
There are a few cultural dynamics here that you need to understand.

- The government will never come close to reporting the accurate statistics.
- The Chinese people by nature have a very passive and "give up" attitude about most everything in their
lives and on a day to day basis. They have no control and most simply accept most everything.  So if their
baby did not die or show sickness immediately, the highest % of the population will simply stop using the
milk for a while, then pretend all is well and there will be no long term effect.

Foreigners and International medical professionals however,  know the truth and face it up front--
Fact: the entire population in China was poisoned.... They were poisoned with a potent cocktail of melamine  
and formaldehyde for up to 3 years that, depending upon how much milk you've ingested, will cause kidney 
disease and cancer in most of the people who were fed the poison milk.

The reason children are at such high risk is because they were fed higher amounts of the milk and milk 
products every day. how many children are in China?

29 September 2008
We've been getting many requests to explain the symptoms of Melamine poisoning. This is maybe an
important topic because unless the Melamine crystallizes immediately it is not an instant death and may be
very difficult to diagnose.  Tomorrow we will give the complete symptoms for those who are contaminated
and will not die instantly. You may be quite surprised since the symptoms are quite different than the you
are presently see on any of the "para-medical" websites right now.

30 September 2008: 8:30AM Pacific Time
In China it is 12:30AM October 1

Since so many readers are wanting to know about Melamine Contamination Symptoms we will remain up
until we are finished writing and uploading. Apparently there is not even one website in the world with an
accurate list of true factual Symptoms on a human being, or  factual Symptoms reported by any of the victims
of the China Melamine Milk.  This is absolutely amazing to us.

Please check back in about an hour. We have the actual symptoms and experience from not only Jie, but
also symptoms experienced by other children and also a non-Chinese adult living in China.  

These are very accurate and show an important pattern.

Reading these symptoms is important because they can easily be confused with other common problems.

30 September 2008: 10:30AM Pacific Time
Symptoms- Human Symptoms [ SYMPTOMS LINK ]

1 October  2008: 
! More News- Organic U.S. Farmer
Organic Farmer from the U.S. is another victim of the Melamine Milk in China. We just learned his idenity and
said he was poisoned from the same high quality brands of milk as Jie was drinking.

What is a U.S. Organic Farmer doing in China? His story details on October 3


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Filed: 25 September 2008
Jie feeding cows at a China dairy 18 months earlier.
Melamine had been added to
milk products in China since 2005 
but the concentrations increased 
as the milk became even more
diluted to increase their profits.
A healthy Jie with his mom in China.
Jie with Mom after returning to
China. The photo was taken in
the first week of December 2007,
the same week he began drinking
the contaminated China milk.
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