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China's Safe Food Guarantee

     Confirmation of What Jie's World staff warns about China's food sources
     China's recognition of their contaminated foods and reputation
     Confirmed by CNN and Global Olympic organizers
     China's effort to sincerely comply to Olympic concerns this year
     But what dangers for all other food products being exported from China daily?
     Why isn't America growing it's own safe food?
By Jie's World staff

As you will see from this video report by CNN, China "does" recognize what we have been warning our
readers for the past year,  ..."China crops, vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, and processing are unsafe".

Although the video News Report is about the food for the Olympic athletes and attendee, it is a bold and
straight forward addmission by the Chinese government that their food and agricultural products "outside"
these special greenhouses and processing facilities are simply "not" safe.

The Chinese should certainly be commended for making every effort possible to comply with International
and Western standards as they host the Olympic Games this year. It is very warming to the Jie's World staff
to see their honest care and expense.

China also recognizes very clearly their agriculture, foods, and processing integrity is dangerous. They are
truely doing all possible, but they recognize it will be many years before they can produce and ship safe
food to the world.  They are being asked to be the Factory to the World, and also the Food Farm of the World, simply cannot happen--the food safety is loosing.

Please view the short video report from CNN, then review why the Jie's World staff is so concerned about
agriculture and food sources in China.  ...we are certainly not an extremest group or organization, but normal
Americans who live in China and are scared as hell to see what is being sent to the US and consumed by
our freiends, families and fellow Americans.

We ask again, ...why aren't Americans producing their own foods?

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China guarantees safer food for Olympics
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Filed: 4 March 2008
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