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Jie's Favorite Links-

Below is a list of Jie's favorite Green-Eco links related to the United States and China. These should
be helpful if you have interest in further reading on any subjects.

You will notice that most of our links are food, agriculture, import/export, and energy related links.

   Links will automatically open into a new browser window:

 - AMS/USDA- for farming, ranching, and growing information
 - Better Health Foundation
 - ISBU Organization- promoting the use of ISBU Shipping Containers for economic and green structures
 - Institute For Agriculture and Trade Policy
 - Local Harvest Directory
 - Shipping Container Homes
 - American Corporations In China
 - Green-Eco Resource Directory for the U.S. and China: Green Guide
 - Organic Food Association
 - Citrus In The Snow- Geothermal energy
 - How To Go a good complete resource on the subject
 - Sierra Club International- addressing multiple issues globally
 - Planet Green
 - Cubic Inspirations- Container housing and prefabs
 - MetaEfficient- Green Guide 
 - GlobalGreen- the US affiliate of Green Cross International
 - True Cost of sponsored by Sierra Club
 - Farm Bureau- the  U.S. Farm Bureau website and locator
 - NASDA, U.S. Export Trade Shows- are you interested in Exporting overseas. Here is a resource
 - World Trade Organization (WTO)
 - Foreign Agricultural Service- Resources for American corporations overseas
 - Aliansa Organization- Green & Eco website ratings
 - E-Verify- a government website to verify Illegal Workers 
 - FDA: the U.S. Food & Drug Administration   
 - WHO: the World Health Organization
 - EcoGeek- a broad assortment of categories on ecology and environment 
 - OCA: Organic Consumers Association- organic rights group 
 - Green Peace- Addressing various diverse-activism projects globally and in China
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