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Eco-Green Information

              Here you will find Eco-Green information, as related to the U.S. & China. We are not attempting to be the
              Megasite of all Ecology, Environment, and Green issues. But we are, in fact trying to focus and target the
              vital issues as related to: 
                - Food growing conditions in the US and China; plant and animal
                - Alerts and reports on those conditions and how they will affect you
                - Green technology to enhance and grow food sources safer and more economically
                - Foods and products we "should not" buy from China
                - Green Energy products "you should" buy from China that can benefit the US consumer and US economy
                - How Green Technology can enhance our growing and production of US grown foods
                - Business opportunity Trends in Eco-Green products & technologies 

For present Eco-Green information on the Jie's World website please check the links below-

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  Jie's Eco-Green Photo Gallery of Green related products, places, people, and technology  [ Link ]
  Jie's Eco-Green News articles & Reports  [ Link ]
  Jie's Eco-Green Links  [ Link ]
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