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Comment: We enjoyed the previous Jie's World. Always interesting to see the culture the little boy see's but we also enjoy your
new format. Continue please. [Neil Krager, Denver, CO]

Comment: Very good. Look forward to your growth. [K. Steiner, Marion, OH]

Comment: ...thanks for no Google Ads. [Brent Weir, Salem, OR]

Comment: Your article on China food was astounding and as we do some other research we think you are very accurate. 
What's going on in this country?  We have just joined to be members. Please add more info on greenhouse growing.  
[Jason Tonelli, Bedford, MA]

Comment: You still live in China now while writing these stories? Brave people. [Marie Weizinsky, Shanghai, CN]

Comment: We well appreciated the story that Jie's father stopped his company from shipping "food products" from China
we hope you survive, we need more like you it would send a big message. [Tom Crane, Sacramento, CA]

Comment: what will  we do, bring in more Mexicans to increase our crop production? Hmmm  [Mack Bradshaw, Plano, TX]

Comment: We tried farming in Idaho but not government support as most expect. Many places to put blame. [Ron Jepson, Boise, ID]

Comment: Well Jie we see you on big Inernet now. We are proud. Congratulation [Jenny Chen, Shenzhen, CN]

Comment: Saw a story about "Local Grown" on the CBS news last week then saw your site.  ...good concept but you need more 
listings from other states. What's your plan? [Alison Blake]

Comment: ...your choice to discontinue shipping Chinese foods from China; sure, we're in the local transport business and we care
too,  but not sure how wise your decision is. [Edward Moscone, San Jose, CA]

Comment: We meet you at Canton Expo and all think you are best America Ambassador for China. Nice to meet you with sunshine. 
Keep some smile. [Sandy Li, Guangzhou, CN]

Comment: More local food network stuff please. [Sandy Carlson, Seattle, WA]

Comment: What a wake up call.... [Jennifer Santos, Gainesville, GA]

Comment: I think we know you from California. Hi, we're from China 16 years ago and know what you say very much. Good luck. 
[Vincent Hong, Fullerton, CA]

Comment: ...nothing we can do anyway, it's too big and out of our control for too many years. [J. Shaw, Arlington, VA]

Comment: We buy local grown for our family and restaurant. Wasn't so difficult. Thanks for more push. [Lori Jensen, Oakland, CA]

Comment: Just so you know, this has been a hot topic at our office for the past two days. Here's our vote and $3 bucks. All keep
asking why there isn't more of this on the news? ?? [Reid Marx, Dallas, TX]

Comment: Your recent report on American Apples makes me angry. Why aren't we being protected?  [Chris Hale, Buffalo, NY]
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Jie in stroller: Any foreign baby is an attraction for Chinese anywhere in China. Jie's bigger attraction is that he is half American and half Chinese.  ...very novel.
Since age 1 Jie pretends to talk and explain things to everyone.  ...the public loves it.
Cameras flashing- Canton Fair Expo
Explaining the purpose of Jie's World
Jie listens intently to  middle school students at Papa John's Pizza in Shekou China.
Getting comments from students