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China: Factory of the World

Please Note: this is certainly not a political, xenophobic, or anti-China website. We have the greatest respect 
for how the new China and it's leaders are coping with the enormous economic boom and culture changes. 
To say the least, they are doing a remarkable job and face many incredible tasks in it's fast growth and fast
paced economic and industrial development.

Whatever candid remarks or observations from the Jie's World staff, we sincerely recognize that any country,
state, or province would struggle to survive such an incredible economic boom, even the United States.

Our concern, as both American citizens and also China residents, is the instability and quality of food products.
Due to the Industrial growth it is not the clean fertile land of 20 years ago, instead it is one of the most polluted
counties in the world. It's cultural standards and pollution are unlike any other country that supplies America.

Jie's family, business, and much of their American staff lives in China....  [ see Parents Bio's ]

Why Is China Growing So Fast?
China is forced to grow rapidly because American Consumers demand it. There is no other reason. None.

For decades the Americans and their American corporations have required and demanded lower prices on all
products and technology. To accomplish that, Americans began manufacturing and importing from the other
lower priced economies of the world. The first major low cost importing we chose were Mexico and Brazil.

As the world changed and transportation was more efficient, American corporations expanded more into the
countries overseas. The wealthy U.S. corporations went to China 25 years ago and began begging and soon
creating any way possible to put their factories into China. Don't blame China for accepting our orders.  At no 
time did the Chinese government send Salesmen to the United States, Europe, Japan, and UK begging us 
for orders. Certainly not. 25 years ago, our American corporations went to China and pushed to find some way 
to get their reluctant cooperation. It was usually accomplished by using Hong Kong as the back door.

All Major Countries Manufacture in China
Maybe we forgot, ...the first major loss of American factories and jobs began in the early 1950's when Japan 
became the "factory of the world".  But soon, even Japan could not support the growth and needed lower cost 
labor. Finally in the early 1970's, hundreds of Japanese corporations lead by Sony and Panasonic, began the
assembly in the country of Mexico.  As the cost of labor has gone higher all International corporations began 
manufacturing in the other countries.  Led by the United States, Japan, UK, Germany, Italy, EU countries, 
Russia, India, Hong Kong, and finally Taiwan and Korea.  Every major corporation in those countries have 
their factories in Mainland China for the past 5 - 25 years.  China has become the fastest growing economy 
of the world, because we wanted it to be our factory....

You will be shocked to really see what American and International companies are in China and how many 
years they've been there.  The short list begins with AT&T, Dell, HP, General Electric, General Motors, IBM, 
NuSkin, Proctor & Gamble, Mattel, IBM, Walmart, General Mills, Hormel Foods, Timken, Del Monte, Nestles, 
Sony, Home Depot, Kohler, American Standard, Kraft Foods, Nike, Adidas, Ashley Furniture, Ikea, Coleman,
Sears-Craftsman, RCA, Pelco, Campbell's Soup, Enfamil, Tyson Foods, Trader Joe's, Gerbers....
   -see the link: American Corporations in China

Should We Worry About China?
Well, for the United States, and all the other countries of the world, we have passed the point of no return.

Even if you think you are not buying products that say, "Made In China", you are. Countries such as Japan, 
Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are extremely dependant on their China factories, parts, and equipment. If it 
doesn't say made in China, the components and parts usually are anyway, but simply assembled or usually 
repackaged in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, even so, most parts or ingredients are Made In China.

Jie's World: Focus on Foods- But we can protect our food source....

Even though the Jie's World staff are U.S. citizens and loyal Americans, we are realistic in understanding U.S. 
and world economics.  The main focus of the Jie's world website is to educate the American Consumer and 
offer very logical and realistic solutions to the safe importing of China made products, and to focus on, and 
promote the farming and growing and economic distribution of the critical products such as fruits, vegetables,
meats, and other foods. These food products can, and should all be grown locally in the United States in the
clean soil, unpolluted water, and the very highest growing and processing standards.

Our foods and agricultural products are the one area we must protect and produce domestically, any cost.
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