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U.S. Food Source Solutions
                                         "A solution that is not realistic is not a solution...."

  - The Danger of Importing Our Food Products
  - Why Aren't We Growing our Food in the United States?
  - Immediate Food Safety Solutions
  - Long Term Solutions for Safe Food
  - National Food Source Network Directory

The Jie's World website will propose various solutions to protecting our Food Sources, some can be used
immediately to offer some security for you and your family. Others are very realistic, but longer term solutions.

The website Food Source focus is information valuable to various groups:
  • The Home Consumer, individuals and families
  • Nutritionists, and Health Care professionals
  • Supermarket Buyers
  • Produce Markets
  • Meat Markets and Delicatessens
  • Restaurant Owners/managers
  • Health Store owners/managers
  • Produce Growers
  • Green Houses
  • Local Food Networks
  • Food Co-ops
  • Farmers
  • Ranchers
  • Food Distributors  
  • Food Processors, and Food manufacturers
  • Food Organizations, national and international
  • Equipment suppliers and manufactures
       Growers supplies
       Garden shops and Nurseries
       Farm supplie stores
  • Educational Organizations, schools, universities
  • Government Agencies
       Department of Agriculture
       Extension Services
       U.S. Customs
  • Business Entrepreneurs, New Start-ups, and Business Opportunities
       Local Food Networks
       Greenhouse Growers
       Local Food Brokers
       Growers Equipment Sales
       Green Consultants
 • News Media

   -see the link: Realistic Solutions
   -see the link: Realistic Solutions
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