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- China Air Pollution: Overview
   China's air pollution is one of the worst in the entire world: 
   Leader in sulfur emissions
   Second largest producer of greenhouse gases
   China ranks 94 out of the top 133 countries listed in the Environmental Performance Index (Yale University). 

- Documented Pollution in China
   Documented air, water, and soi pollution  is only a small portion of China's toxic contamination. 
   Your food is grown here. 
- Apple Processing in China A typical apple storage and processing plant in China. Extremely low quality standards. They will become applesauce and juice concentrates and will arrive in the US and other countries with no inspection or testing. - Red Storm Rising: CNN- Lou Dobbs Excellent general news story on Food, and other imports from China. - Hormel Food Advertisement: China Hormel is only one of hundreds of American food manufacturer's with factories and agricultural facilities in Mainland China. Our foods are no longer Made In USA... - Black River China A lethal chemical cocktail has left white, effervescent foam bubbling along its surface. - Mott's Applesauce Advertisement (1980's Classic) Back in the '80's when Mott's was Made in USA. To the Jie's World staff, this video is a Classic video, with the old Motorola mobile phone, IBM PC, and Mott's Applesauce seen in this Ad, ...all three are now made in China, not the United States. - Mott's Applesauce Advertisement: 1960's It boasts a mixture fo 5 kinds of apples. Back when American farmers were earning the profit from Mott's sales. Mott's Applesauce certainly has a mixture of apples now. If you could only see them before the China processers turn them into applesauce.... - Product Toxicity and China: Insights for Investors Challenges of the China supply chain - Chinese Pollution & Food Growing We hesitate to show this because it only relates to the local Chinese food source and growing conditions. This is only dirty, unsanitary, and un-clean but common. The danger to US foods are much greater because of the toxic waste and pesticides in orchards, fields, air, and water. - Is China in A Bubble? Jim Jubak, MSN Money editor
- China and Energy: C-100 Annual Energy Conference Zhengrong Shi, Founder & CEO, Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. - China's Pollution Busters: China Putting pressure on polluters, campaigners are naming and shaming guilty companies, - Baby Food: Fresh-Homemade It's easy to make your own baby food at home, so you can choose the fresh, safe ingredients. Now you can choose fresh, or even organic. - U.S. Policy and Job Destroying Treaties: WTO, NAFTA Inability to regulate trade. China reaps an additional 40% advantage from their currency devaluation. - Union Pacific Container Train: Empty Returning to China Going back to China empty because Chinese companies have found it more cost effective to simply leave them here and build more containers in China. Nearly 1 million surplus containers sit in America piling up at every shipping port of every US city. - Chinese Concept Cars: Going & Growing Fast Made by popular and various Chinese car manufacturer's such as China's Chery, Geely, BYD, Shanghai GM, etc. They will be released into production in China soon, and then.... - Solar & Wind Power #1: How Wind Power Works A very simple, basic, and educational video. Well done. - Solar & Wind Power #3: Renewable Energy Sources Informative video from a company in Canada. Excellent for farms and greenhouse energy - Solar & Wind Power Low Wind Comparison This design compared to a Savonius-type turbine. Certified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Being installed in New Orleans, Mobile, Greenville, Rhode Island, Daytona Beach, and 70 other locations. Silent, and great potential for homes and greenhouses. - ISBU Shipping Containers: Nice Home Trends- NBC Report A very good News story about the new trend of ISBU Container homes and structures. Part of the America Goes Green series on NBC Nightly News. - ISBU Shipping Containers: Redondo Beach, CA News story of the home construction. Some think the homes must look like Cargo box, but virtually any house design, warehouse, or storage unit can be made of ISBU Shipping Containers.
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