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Human Symptoms Of Melamine Milk: Actual Reports

  STORY HIGHLIGHTS- Updated 30 September 2008
     Human symtoms of Melamine poison
     Summary of symptoms
     Formaldehyde, cancer and kidney disease

By Jie's World staff

30 September 2008: 10:30AM Pacific Time
We will list the symptoms experienced by humans and their actual reports.

It is important we use the words "Human" because everything your are presently reading on the Internet
is simply copies of other reports and copies, and all saying the same thing...
                 "there are no actual studies on humans, but on animals the symptoms are..."

But here you will read the Human Symptoms listed below-
Below are the actual symptoms experienced by both survivors and also those who have died.

First, please understand we are having a very difficult time getting any evaluations or assessments from
the Chinese government officials.  All we can get are the following:

- Death toll
- Reported hopitalizations
- It was Melamine and Formaldehyde combined
- No human studies
- Many cases experience Kidney stones
- Extreme cases cause Kidney failure and death
- Most deaths were infants drinking powder milk formulas
- No long term prognosis or treatment suggestions,
because no one has ever poisoned humans with Melamine before

We are still trying to learn what quantity of Melamine was being added to the milk products. This will help
the researchers and medical professionals determine how to treat the survivors.

We estimate between 2-10 million children and adults in China consumed at least 1 liter of milk daily.
At least 100 million more consumed 1 liter of milk products or ingredients per week.

Unfortunately there is not much else from CDC in the U.S. or even the World Health Organization (WHO)

What we will write seems to be the most accurate information as of October 1, 2008

- Why mostly children?
  Drinking cow's milk is not so common in China. Foreigners such as Europeans, Americans, and the South
  and Central Americans consume much more milk daily than the Chinese. Usually 5-10 times more.

  A typical Chinese teen or adult may only consume 1 liter of cow's milk per week as compared to foreigners
  who usually will drink 1 liter of cow's milk daily.

  I asked a few Chinese friends today if they knew anyone who drank 1 liter of milk per day. All said no.

  Therefore the main cow's milk consumption in China is infants and children from 1 month to 3 years.
  Ater that age they will drink soy drinks, fruit juices and rice drinks and very little cow's milk.

What humans were effected?
- All humans ingesting either liquid milk or powdered milk; or milk products or ingredients from China
- Children are the most susceptible due to the larger quantities consumed daily
- Which humans dies so far?  The youngest children.

HUMAN SYMPTOMS: 1-2 liters of milk products daily

1-3 month period of time depending on quantity consumed.
 - Gradual tiredness
 - Gradual appetite loss
 - Increased thirst
 - Occasional vomiting or light indigestion
 - Occasional fever

3+ month period of time depending on quantity consumed.
 - Light quantities of blood in urine (undetectable unless seen in diaper)
 - Increase tiredness
 - More appetite loss
 - More thirst
 - More vomiting by some patients
 - More frequent fevers if kidney infection
 - Bleeding increases, but still may not be detected if the child is potty trained
 - Tenderness in kidney and stomach areas
 - Passing of powder in urine daily, and often surges every 10-14 days
 - In some cases kidney stones begin
 - In some cases kidney failure and immediate death
 - In most cases apathy, tiredness
 - Extreme loss of appetite and nutrition, irritability

As you can see to this point, most of these signs could be anything; and most of these signs are not
detectable in an infant or toddler.

If the child does not wear a diaper you cannot see the small amount of blood, but if the child does wear
a diaper the amounts of blood are so minute it may be the very lightest shad of pink only.

As you also see most of the indications are normal up and down events in a normal child's life. That is 
why these unethical people continued to poison the population for so long.

With no bleeding, the loss of appetite for solid foods is key, however all pediatric websites and even
physicians will say, "oh, that's normal. They will go up and down".

You can see how long the toxic chemicals are in the organs of a growing child before any detection.
Even when it's found, the damage to the organs and body is done. Cancer and other diseases sit like
a time bomb; ...1 year, 5 years; 20 years, depending on the consumption and the persons genetics.

NOTE: We are not medical professionals. We have done our best to read, interview, and access what we, and others have 
experienced first hand. All seem to have these common threads, even the non-Chinese adult.

Please return. We will have some other very key details and photos in 12 hours.

- Jie's Staff


Copyright © 2008 by Jie's World. Reprints, quotations, and copies by permission only.
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Filed: 25 September 2008
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