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Certain that not all milk in China was safe so Jie's parents chose the more expensive milk produced by the Inner Mongolia dairies thousands of miles
away from the pollution of factories and coal power plants. Certainly the clean air, soil, water and government certified dairies were worth the extra money.
There is no compromise when it comes to food safety of their baby and themselves.

Yili was their first choice and was available in the finer stores about 80% of the time...

Yili Dairy in China had the highest concentrations of melamine and formaldehyde.

When Yili milk was not available they trusted the next best dairy also with Inner Mongolia facilities. Mengniu was also very fine government inspected and
certified milk but a little more expensive. Still, when Yili was not available the extra 15% cost was not an issue. Peace of mind and health has no price.

Mengniu Dairy milk with melamine.

The third choice for Jie's parents was the well know international Nestlés brand. It was even higher priced but the Chinese government had recalled
the Nestlés baby formula when Jie was only 6 months old so of course his parents were still lacking the full confidence of the Nestlés milks which
were packaged in China.

As we have reported here, his parents were very suspicious of "any" China companies as well as American or European brands with China facilities.

Nestlés milk products have had problems in China for the past three years.

As you have heard, Yili, Mengniu, and Sanlu had the highest concentrations of Melamine and formaldehyde in both their powdered and fluid milk products
that cause kidney failure, kidney and bladder disease, and promote the growth of cancer.  What a bright future for Jie and the other innocent survivors.


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Filed: 25 September 2008
China's Purest Milk: American Baby Is Latest Victim
Jie drank 2-3 liters (quarts) daily of the deadliest milk for nearly 10 months