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Bio- Jie's Dad


Barry Naef is a third generation American citizen born in Susanville, CA, USA
      and has 4 brothers and sisters. His mother now lives in Southern Utah.

 - International business for 25 years
      US, UK, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Panama, Hong Kong, and China

 - Experience:
    · Nutrition product development & manufacturer in the US: 10 years 
    · Digital Technology manufacturer: 5 years
    · International Import-Export & Logistics: 10 years
    · As a youth- Eagle Scout, and Order of the Arrow, Lodge Cheif

 - Present Business:
    · CEO- Chinacom Corporation, Ltd.  Hong Kong
    · Board of Directors- Vidium Communications.  USA, Hong Kong
    · Board of Directors- Chinacom Corporation.  Hong Kong, China, USA
    · Founder- ISBU Association, International
    · Founder- GreenCube Network
    · Consultant for U.S. Development - Penavico Logistics division, China Ocean Shipping Agency.  China

 - Residence: 
      Orange County, CA USA
      Shekou, GD, China

 - Married to- Yanhua Liang
 - Children- 
      Jie is Barry's fifth child and was born in China, but was automatically an American Citizen

      Heather, Amanda, Ashley, Andrew were all born in the US and now residing in Orange County, CA 
      and Tucson, AZ.  Barry is well known as being a dedicated single father raising his first four children 
      alone for 15 years in California and until his last child began college.

      Heather is VP of Marketing for McKenna Labs, San Diego, CA and 2007 Chairperson for the National
          Society of Cosmetic Chemists, California chapter
      Amanda is a Teacher & Resource Specialist for Orange County School District, Anaheim, CA
      Drew is a Systems Engineer for AmeriQuest Data division, Irvine, CA
      Ash is General Manager for, Tucson, AZ

Bio- Jie's Mom


Yanhua Liang Naef is a native Chinese citizen born in Wuzhou, Guangxi, China
      and an only child according to China government law. Her parents live in Guangxi Province.

 - China business and logistics consultant for 9 years

 - Experience:
    · Business services consultant Sheraton International: 2 years
    · Certified English translator
    · Translator Asia Boao Logistics Forum
    · Fluent tri-lingual: Cantonese, Mandarin, and English
    · Graduate- Guilin University: Valedictorian, Magna Cum Laude, & Student Body President
    · Chinese National Volleyball Team

 - Present Business:
    · Consultant- various National and International corporations
    · Board of Directors- Chinacom Logistics division, Chinacom Corporation, Hong Kong, China, US

 - Residence: 
      Orange County, CA USA
      Shekou, GD, China

 - Married to- Barry Naef
 - Children- 
      Jie is her first child.  

      Because she is married to a non-Chinese husband, she can have more than one child and is 
      exempt from the Chinese Family Planning laws in China.
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Jie with mom and dad New Years 2007.
More details...

China: Melamine Milk
A perfect blend of two parents and two cultures.
Jie age- 1 1/2
Jie & Dad- 10 months
Jie's Dad at 5 years
Jie's Mom at age 2
Barry Naef and wife Yanhua
Jie's global heritage
Jie's Mom & Dad
A perfect blend of two parents and two cultures.
Mom & Jie - age 2