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The H2 Hummer and Rickshaw are some of the symbolic contrasts in Jie's World.  ...his life in China and his life in the United States.
An America Citizen, Born in China
Largest America-China Green Resource Center
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                              Local Farmer's Markets Expanding: 2007 Growth Surge-  According to our Jie's World
                              members, food producers, and also the Department of Agriculture, 2007 was another
                              record growth year for Local Grown and Farmer's Markets in most regions of the U.S.
                              How can you cash in on the growing trend, both nutritionally, and with new business
                              $$ opportunities in 2008?
                              - Full story...
                                 GGC Radio News: New 2008-  Jie's World readers can now also listen to most of their
                                 favorite News articles and Reports.  Beginning January 2008 many of our news stories
                                 will also be available on audio by GGC Radio News and the broadcaster known as
                                 Cristofer Greene. We look forward to his daily reports as audio news options for you.
                                 - Full story...

                              U.S. Apples: Now Grown In China-  Nearly 50% of all American apple products are now
                              grown and processed in Mainland China according to government reports ending 2006
                              and again in 2007. We are surprised and terrified. ...not just because of the loss of jobs,
                              but also our staff knows first hand how dangerous it is to grow and process ANY food 
                              products in China. The 2007 US Farm Bill must be implementedand enforced promptly.
                              - Full story...

                         Greenhouse Energy Savers: Soap Bubble Insulation-  Now you can more 
                                 easily grow vegetables and some fruits in virtually any Northern U.S. climate, even
                                 in December or January.  After 3 years of testing there are now two types of bubbles 
                                 that are extremely effective for insulating greenhouses and cutting the fuel costs
                                 50-90%. These perfected technologies make "Local Grown" even more realistic now
                                 in 2008 for any region or community in the United States. 
                                 - Full story...
                                 Greenhouse Energy Savers: LED Grow Lights-  LED lights are even better than they
                                 were two years ago, and mass production is bringing the cost way down.  Lower food
                                 costs are the result saving a whopping 80% over conventional Grow Lights. Now LED
                                 is very easy and realistic for the "home greenhouse" and also medium and large 
                                 commercial growers in any climate or temperature in the U.S.
                                 - Full story...
                                  U.S. Corporations In China: Is Your Food Safe?-  Shocking, but true, American food
                                  companies are going to China and opening factories and processing facilities in droves.
                                  Most Americans only thought a few U.S. toy and computer factories were in China.
                                  The reality is much more serious, because now it's virtually affecting every type food
                                  product; ...fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat, snacks and food ingredients. What can we
                                  do to protect our families from our American "food source" being grown in China?
                                  - Full story... [ link ]   Secondary story ...and they own America's Organic Foods
American food corporations in China.  Carnation, Mott's, Kraft, and Hormel are only a few. Also a new report shows that Kraft and others also own America's top Organic food companies. where do the get their ingredients? China, or America?
Top Stories: News & Reports

                                 New Orleans Second Disaster: Brad Pitt Missing Technology-  We are certain pleased
                                 to see the personal interest Brad Pitt has taken in building homes for the Katrina victims,
                                 but sadly, he and his program Director have missed the boat on using some very effective
                                 Eco Technology in building the new homes. The technology uses ISBU steel units made 
                                 from recycling Ocean Shipping Containers, the strongest, safest, and most cost effective
                                 units in the world. ISBU containers coated with Ceramic Paint have become a huge trend.
                                 - Full story...
Actor Brad Pitt promotes Eco-Housing in New Orleans
Local grown foods and Farmer's Markets are becoming a huge American trend.
U.S. apples are now grown in China.
GGC green radio news reports.
Photo credit: Florida Today. NASA inspired LED grow lights for economical food.
Soap Bubble insulation for solar greenhouse.
Melamine Milk: American Baby Victim
Ironically, Jie has also become a victim
of the contaminated milk in China.

 China's largest Organic Dairy Now
Controlled By Famous U.S. Food CEO
Lloyd Ward & BodyBlocks Nutrition
CNN: China Now #1 Polluter Globally
Here is the confirmation of what we've
been saying for a year. Now What?
 BusinessWeek: China Organics
The news story that began our first
motivation for Jie's World.
 Jie's World: Killing America
Our first commentary on China Grown
Foods for our new website in 2007

CNN: China's Safe Food Guarantee
 Organic Food Sales- Healthy Growth
 Organic Food Growth & Walmart

The Local Grown Foods Directory so you can buy safe, fresh, American made foods and agricultural products for you family or restaurant.

Local Grown Foods Dirctory
a list of all type Networks in the U.S.
Updated 30 January 2011
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The Real World of One Little Boy--Two Global Economies
Is our American Food and Organic Food really grown and processed in the Unted States?
Why you don't realize that many  fruits, vegetables, meats and milk are now grown in Mainland China....
The Jie's World Online Resource is new and revised for 2008 with even more of an 
environmental focus on growing local foods, green energy, housing, greener growing
solutions, and the true environmental conditions in both the U.S. and China.  
We still have all the interesting facts, photo's, news and interviews about real Made In USA 
American factories, products, agriculture, and people.  And also the real China, with its
factories, agriculture products, growth and culture that effects you.
NOTICE: Regarding the news issue
on contaminated Milk products from
Mainland China. 

We have decided to allow the present
website to remain as it's been for the
past several months so our visitors
can see what we were saying prior
to the announcement on September
18 regarding the Melamine Milk issue
in Mainland China.

We will only update the basic news
regarding the Milk issue and it's 
related stories.

It is important to us for our readers
to see the irony of what we were
attempting to accomplish and yet
our reports have  sadly become the 
proof of what we were so motivated
to advocate here since June 2007.
December 4, 2008

Due to the large volume of emails
from our readers in the U.S. and
worldwide, we will soon update our 
information on Jie's contamination and on
the Melamine issue in general.

Apparently we have more actual facts
than the U.S. government agencies. ??